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Strolling unhurriedly through the vineyards I observe the silent life around me, listen to the song of spring buds and smile at the sun that softly caresses them drying the tears of morning dew and awaiting the soft breeze of sunset.
I pick the ripe September berries stealing from them the fresh flavours of my memories and lose myself, lose myself once again, in the colours and scents of this generous land.

I am grateful to this land that gave me life and stole my heart and to which I donate my Soul.

  - Fabio Zardetto

Private Cuvée Brut

30% Glera, 30% Chardonnay, 25% Other varieties & 15% Moscato Giallo

Fabio Zardetto has created his own personal Cuvée—a blend of Glera (the new name for the Prosecco grape), for long-lasting, expressive citrus notes; Chardonnay, for rich body and creamy texture; and Muscat, for fresh floral and grapey aromas. This fine Cuvée manages to be both playful and refined at the same time—sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Straw greenish yellow in colour. Fresh and delicate, the flowery and fruity notes of the Moscato grapes are easy to recognize. To the palate it is dry, delicate and fruity with a good acidity. The Chardonnay supplies the body and structure. This Vino Spumante is definitely easy to enjoy at 7-9 °C in a sparkling wine flute.

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Prosecco Treviso DOC Brut


The grapes for this Prosecco come from the Treviso hills where the Glera variety has always been part of the agricultural community. In this brut version the typical features of moraine soiland the aromatic fragrance given by its closeness to the nearby woods of the Treviso Prealps are greatly exalted.

Straw yellow in colour, pale but brilliant, enlivened by its perlage. Rich lemon and fresh herbs aromas, with nice bread crust hints, that arrive together to the palate with delicious flavor energy. The fine perlage gives a persistent flavor that cleans the palate.

Serve 7-9 °C in a sparkling wine flute.

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