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Domaine de Belleville and Parcelaires de Saux

What's new?

Beautiful single parcel Burgundy wines from Domaine de Belleville and Parcelaires de Saux. Check out the beauties from The Hunting Lodge from Waimauru, New Zealand; and while you're in the Southern Hemisphere, the Wines By: Geoff Hardy are generous and should not be missed.

The 3 New Vins de Princes

Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and Blanc de Noirs, the new “Vin des Princes” range was inspired by one of the Champagne house’s historic references, the Grand Vin des Princes and its emblematic bottle in the form of a carafe.

“We have rekindled an element of our history; a cuvée that existed but now with a more contemporary approach, with younger wines that have more emphasis on freshness.” says Gilles de la Bassetière (CEO).

Racey Rhônes

Rhône wines deliver...flavour, aromas, variation and value!  Check out our lineup of great producers from North to South:  Domaine François Villard, Domaine des Hauts Châssis, Domaine Le Colombier, Montirius, Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine, and Marrenon Vignobles en Luberon et Ventoux.