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Tasca d'Almerita

From an estate of 1200 Ha purchased in 1830 until today. Tasca’s world is a simple world. A world of dedication and passion, in constant communication with who sets the pace and has the last say: nature. Hundreds of men and women work in these landscapes, repeating age-old gestures, even if aided by state-of-the-art research. And guests are welcome, surrounded by continuous work in the fields, among vegetable gardens and livestock. Five estates, five harvests a year, all different for their colors and smells. Stories of wine from west to east in Sicily, from harvested grapes that travel by boat, to those harvested at 1000 meters above sea level on the volcano, before the snow arrives.
Keeping one eye on the sky, the other on the earth.

2018 Regaleali Bianco DOC Sicilia

38% Inzolia, 30% Grecanico, 19% Catarratto & 13% Chardonnay

Regaleali Bianco is characterized by a brilliant straw yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose offers a fruity bouquet, with hints of citrus, apple, peach and pear. It is rich, intense and pleasantly fresh on the palate.  Ideal for accompanying appetizers and pizza, is perfect in combination with light first courses and fish and chicken dishes.

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2021 Leone d'Almerita IGT Terre Siciliane

52% Catarratto, 19% Pinot Blanc, 15% Sauvignon Blanc & 14% Traminer Aromatico

Leone d'Almerita is characterized by a brilliant yellow colour with green reflections. Immediately on the nose there is an ample and varied bouquet, with hints of white peaches, grapefruit, green apple and tropical fruits. On the palate it is rich, soft and pleasantly intense. Perfect for accompanying fish based dishes, crustaceans and other seafood; and, is ideal in combination with pasta dishes, sushi, fish carpaccio and fritto misto.

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2021 Catarratto Buonsenso DOC Sicilia


Although become rare to find, Catarratto is the most ancient yet “common” grape variety, typical of Sicily. It’s cultivated at Regaleali at over 900 meters above sea level for a unique aroma with hints of pink grapefruit.

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2021 Grillo - Cavallo delle Fate DOC Sicilia


An ancient grape variety, a cross between Moscato and Catarratto, results in a wine with a concentrated and complex aroma. It is cultivated at Regaleali on the hills next to Case Vecchie. We produce it by blending grapes from different harvest periods: the early harvested grapes imbue freshness and hints of minerals; while the later harvest provides structure. According to popular fables, the cricket, or ‘grillo’, would carry the fairies on its back as a horse would its rider, hence the name ‘Cavallo delle Fate’ (the horse of the fairies).

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2020 Regaleali Le Rose IGT Terre Siciliane

Nerello Mascalese

Rosé, produced using Nerello Mascalese grapes planted in 1974, combines the sapidity of white wines with the fruity elegance of reds, giving it several pairing options. The name recalls the floral hints of this variety, and the roses that grow at the Regaleali Estate.

Coming soon

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2018 Regaleali Nero d'Avola DOC Sicilia

Nero d'Avola

59 years later, Regaleai Rosso Nero d'Avola still tells the story of one Italy's great Estate producers. Intense ruby red and bright, it has nose of cherry, plum, violet and graphite, juxtaposed to cocoa, licorice and Mediterranean maquis (broad-leaf hillside shrubs). Full flavoured, fresh, balanced and with velvety tannins on the palate.  Serve with pasta dishes, especially those with eggplant or with cuttlefish ink risotto; enjoy with roasted meats or heavier fish such as tuna and sword.

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2019 Syrah DOC Monreale - La Monaca


La Monaca, named after the historic winery, comes from special biotypes of Syrah that have shown unique adaptability on the Sallier de La Tour Estate. This is the Sicilian expression of a variety whose origin is disputed, but which has found in the DOC Monreale territory, and specifically in the Jato valley, an ideal place to grow.

The La Monaca vineyard, planted in 2011, is characterized by a soil with a sandy texture (37.4% sand and 12.5% clay), well ventilated, thoroughly draining and therefore drier, which makes the vine less vigorous. The low vigour, the low productivity and the characteristics of the soil are favourable to a balanced and complete ripening of the grapes, more suitable for red wines with good structure and long ageing.

Aged 14 months in French oak, it is spicy with herbaceous and balsamic notes; benefits from decanting.

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2019 Tascante Ghiaia Nera DOC Etna Rosso

Nerello Mascalese

The perfect blend between the Nerello Mascalese grape and the volcanic soil of Etna, this wine comes from terraces surrounded by chestnut and oak woods, an area rich in biodiversity. Soft tannins, with freshness and drinkability. Aged in large non-invasive oak barrels to which the Nerello Mascalese variety is well suited.

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2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna San Francesco DOC Contea di Sclafani

Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged in barrique for 18 months before being bottled where it rests for another 18 before release, this Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by an intense ruby red color. The nose opens with an powerful and focussed bouquet with scents of wild berries, enriched by pleasant spicy notes of black pepper, vanilla and tobbaco. The taste is rich and elegant with soft tannins and is noticeably persistent. Perfect to accompany roasts and game dishes and, is ideal in combination with stewed meats.

92+ Points - Robert Parker

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2016 Rosso Del Conte DOC Contea di Sclafani

63% Nero d'Avola & 37% Perricone

Bright bright ruby red in colour. Scents of red fruits are embellished with fragrances of coffee and licorice. The taste is full, aristocratic, convincing, and flawlessly balanced. A perfect accompaniment to game, red meats and mushrooms dishes; and, is fantastic with ragout and hard cheeses. Try with chocolate, you will be amazed.

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2017 Capofaro Malvasia IGT Salina


This is "the" Malvasia according to Tasca d’Almerita. In the vineyard, a wide foliage covering the bunches is maintained in order to protect the grapes from excessive heat exposure and preserve the aroma. Once the grapes are picked. they slowly dehydrated, thereby maintaining a good acidity and a decent alcoholic content.  Aged 6 months in stainless steel, the wine is fresh lush and balanced with floral notes and hints of peach and orange zest.

92 Points - Robert Parker

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