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Roccapesta, Az. Agr.

Located about 10 km from the town of Scansano in the Grosetto region of Tuscany, Roccapesta’s estate vineyards consists of about 15 hectares of soils rich in fossil remains and of varying composition and origin. Some sedimentary, other volcanic, they vary from the grey colour of the clays to the fire red of the “terrenello”, a local term indicating a marly earth. Such a combination is ideal for drainage, root respiration and for encouraging the vines to take the most out of the terrain’s complexity.

Each single vineyard has been specifically designed, aimed at the best combination of soil, root-stock and grape variety. Each is also harvested and vinified separately. Climatic conditions, together with the special composition of the soils, produce excellent harvests, without artificial irrigation and without antiparasiticals.

2009 Ribeo DOCG Morellino di Scansano


The name "RIBEO" comes from the Tuscan dialect expression "ribeo" which means, I want to drink it again. It is what the producer wanted to do with this wine. It is a style of Sangiovese made expressly for its drinkability.

After triple selection to only use the finest grapes, the soft pressed grapes underwent a short maceration on skins to get immediate easy pleasure, rather than complexity.. Kept in concrete vats for one year and then in bottle for at least one year before release. It sees no aging in oak at all to best preserve, as long as possible, the fresh notes of the young wine. This wine has good acidity, less alcohol, with fresher red fruits notes. You will want to “drink it again.”

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