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Pasini San Giovanni, Soc. Agr. srl

“Good wine comes from good soil. When we inherit good soil, it is our duty to preserve it - and even improve it - for those who come after us.” – Paolo Pasini

Pasini San Giovanni was founded by Andrea Pasini in 1958 and is still run today by the family, now the third generation of winemakers. They’ve become a benchmark for the regions of Valtènesi and Lugana- both on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. Under the current guidance of cousins Paolo, Sara, and Luca, the their philosophy is focused on organic farming (fully certified as of 2016), biodiversity in the vineyards, indigenous varietals like Groppello and Turbiana, and a carbon neutral carbon footprint (their entire winery is run on solar). They focus on the native varietals of the Garda area- specifically Groppello for reds and Turbiana for whites. 

2015 Busocaldo - Lugana DOC Riserva


Certified Organic. Originating from the best selection of Torbiana (also known as Trebbiano Valtenesi) grapes harvested in the Busocaldo vineyard. It is the result of a years perfecting in steel batonnage on 15% fine wine dregs. A striking white wine created from our evolution as grape growers. It holds aromas of herbs, elderberry and orange peel whilst its balanced taste is cosy, flavoursome and elegant. It can be enjoyed on its own, but also provides an excellent accompaniment to a number of dishes with white meat/fish, egg pasta and mushrooms. The recommended serving temperature is 14°C.

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2015 Il Valtenesi da Uve Gropello
- Valtenesi DOC


Organic. This young delicate red wine is made from the Groppello grape variety native to Valtènesi region, the western shores of Lake Garda. It is the most traditional of Brescian wines and is distinguished for its characteristic fragrance and softness of its bouquet and flavour. It is easy and smooth to drink with spicy fruity notes. It provides a pleasant experience on its own, but also provides an excellent accompaniment to first courses full of flavour, all red meat dishes and medium aged cheeses. The recommended serving temperature is 16-18°C.

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2017 Il Chiaretto

65% Groppello, 25% Marzemino, 5% Barbera & 5% Sangiovese

Organic. A special rosé native to this area of Lake Garda. A beautiful coral pink in colour , pleasantly fruity with a light body. Created from four grape varieties: Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese. The name derives itself from the once only slight vinfication and brief contact with the grape skins at the midnight hour of the first night. Perfect for warm summer evenings on its own, but also provides an excellent accompaniment to white meats/fish, seafood, pasta and rice dishes. Must be drunk within three years of the vintage. The recommended serving temperature is 12°C.

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