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Cantine F.lli Bonelli

Founded in the mid 1940’s and presently in its third generation, Bonelli is a benchmark Colli Piacentini winery, one that is a mix of tradition and technology. Every year, estate grapes and, to have better control of production, a large quantity of other viticulturists' grapes are chosen only after close inspection of the crops directly the vineyards.

Passion and knowledge, together with arduous work both in the vineyards and winery, are essential to get from nature the best it can give. For this reason, Cantine Bonelli has decided to commit to sustainability and to plan choices respectful of the environment and of the social background for the future.

2020 Trebbianino Val Trebbia Tradizionale - Frizzante

60% Ortrugo

DOC Colli Piacentini

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2020 Barbera Tradizionale - Frizzante


DOC Colli Piacentini

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2020 Bonarda Secco Tradizionale - Frizzante


Not to be confused with Piemontese Bonarda or that found in Argentina (Deuce Noir), the DOC Colli Piacentini ruby red frizzante wine is made with Croatina grapes (typically found in Emilia-Romagna and Oltrepo Pavese

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