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Situated in the southern Rhône Valley, our 58 hectare domain with vine classifications in Vacqueyras, Gigondas and Côtes du Rhône has been converted to Bio-Dynamic culture since 1996; the first in the Vacqueyras and Gigondas appellations. The Montirius philosophy is to orientate daily work towards the permanent search for perfect balance both in the vines and in the winery, so as to obtain the greatest of wines from the land. Taste their Bio and Bio-Dynamic AOC Gigondas, AOC Vacqueyras, and AOC Côtes du Rhône wines, all made from bio grapes and grown with bio-dynamic

2010 Vacqueyras Red "Garrigues"

70% Grenache Noir & 30% Syrah

Named ‘Garrigues’ because it reveals aromas of the plains or ‘Garrigues’ of the region: Thyme, Rosemary, Savoury, Wild lavender.

From 65 year old vines, this Bio Dyanamic wine produced using indigenous grape yeasts, is deep red in colour. On the nose an explosion of red fruits. In the mouth, a lovely tannic structure, aromas of the Garrigues or plains, and underwood.  Aged for 18 months in cement vats, it is 100% oak free. Can easily be cellared for up to another 8 years.

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2009 Gigondas

80% Grenache Noir & 20% Mourvèdre

In French "Aine" refers to the first-born child. Accordngly, this wine ‘Terre des Ainés’ was so named after the large 10 Ha parcel that has always been handed down to the first of each new generation for the last 5 generations.

After manual harvesting, the grapes (the average age of the vines are 75 years old) underwent a traditional, total de-stemming, light crushing, natural indigenous grape yeasts winemaking regime. It was aged in cement vats for two winters then into bottles. 100% oak free. Feel free to lay this wine down for up to 12 years

This Certified Biodynamic wine is a lovely deep dark red. On the nose it has hints of liquorice, violets and black fruits. In the mouth, it is both delicate and powerful. Tannins with a noble texture. The aromas found on the nose are also discovered in the mouth.

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2012 Côtes du Rhône Red “La Muse Papilles”

80% Grenache Noir & 20% Syrah

Produced from Bio grapes grown on 25 year old vines on one small 3 Ha parcel. Following a light crushing and using indigenous grape yeasts for the fermentation, the wine is aged over one winter in cement vats befor being bottles. There is no oak ageing. A fruity, mouth-watering wine. On the nose it reveals aromas of cherries and raspberries. It lines the mouth and the palate and the fruit remains present. It can be cellared for 4 to 6 years.

Its name comes from the amusement it provides to your tastebuds.

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