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Marrenon - Vignobles en Luberon et Ventoux

MARRENON is, first and foremost, more than 45 years of human adventure shared by 1200 wine-growers united into co-operatives and today working in a vineyard of 7600 hectares in the Luberon and the Ventoux regions. The history of Humanity is made of great aspirations and so for the last five years, a new MARRENON generation has been built, which is innovative, qualitative and open-minded. The ambition is to be recognised for high quality wines with strong personalities.

MARRENON‘s mission is to express the best potential of its terroir across the world to discover wines resulting from the enormous potential of its ‘terroir’ and the savoir-faire of the men who work it. Their commitment is to satisfy the consumer while highlighting the magnificent but ecologically fragile lands and allowing the wine-makers to earn a worthwhile living as well as being proud of their produce.

2009 Gardarem AOC Luberon Rouge

85% Syrah & 15% Grenache Noir

Gardarem has been made from 3 isolated plots with an exceptional and unique terroirs. One of these parcels is typical from those terroirs situated on Southern Luberon high hills: very rocky soils, clayey and deep. The exposure favours earliness and a beautiful grape ripeness. The two other plots are situated on Northern Luberon sides at 300 m and 450m high on clayey and chalky soils.

30-year vines. Clipping and trellising. Short pruning of « two eyes » shaping (that is to say: two shoots and four clusters of grapes). Optimization of foliar soil brings more sweetness to the grapes. Yield: Syrah with small and concentrated berries. Cultural practices and environmental conditions give small yields: 28 ha/hl.

Soft extractions aiming fullness and velvety features. Long fermentation at low temperature, followed by a 4-week maceration. The maturing is done after the malo-lactic fermentation, all in new French Tronçais oak barrels, of a selection Colbert of Nadalié, cooper.  Only a small allocation.

Gold Medal - Syrah du Monde 2012

90 Points - Wine Spectator

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2011 Orca AOC Ventoux Red

Produced from 90% Grenache noir (more than 60 years old) and 10% Syrah grapes grown on selected pebbly, granular and clayey plots on the Southern hillsides of the Mont Ventoux that has a big temperature difference between day and night. Harvested very late, in mid-October, the grapes undergo an alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature and long vatting between 20 and 30 days from soft extractions and free-run juice only. One year ageing in French oak barrels from 1 to 4 years old (only 10% of new barrels used).

A powerful and fine wine. Mature nose with mild tobacco and morello flavours. In the mouth, there is a rich attack of ripe fruits, livened up by little fresh fruits liqueur (blackcurrant/raspberry ) aromas. The melting oak tannins add to the supple mouth feel. It is fresh, complex (garrigue, coffee-roasting) and has a desidedly long finish.

A great wine with nice ageing potential. Enjoy with a hint of chill at 17°C with duck breast, roasted shoulder of lamb or stewed game. Even better if put in a decanter 3 hours before tasting.

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2012 Grand Marrenon AOC Luberon Red

70% Syrah & 30% Grenache Noir

A nice and intense violet-ruby red robe which is typical of a strong concentration. The nose is expressive, fruity and very pleasing with ripe/jammy fruits and blond tobacco notes. In the mouth, a sweet attack with dominant fresh fruits; then it becomes more complex, with oaky flavours melting with leather and olive notes. Nice amplitude thanks to intense aromas, kept up with concentrated tannins which are well structured and integrated, not aggressive at all. A rich and silky unit.

Best served at 18°C, and put in decanter 3 hours before tasting. Great companion for a beef rib or game. A wine that repays ageing; drink within 10 years.

SILVER MEDAL - Selections Mondiales des Vins - Canada 2014

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2012 Grand Marrenon AOC Luberon White

50% Vermentino, 40% Grenache Blanc & 10% Clairette

Selected small plots of the best terroirs, situated on the rocky clayey and chalky slopes of Luberon. These soils give naturally small yield (30 hl/ha). Harvest of the three varieties occurred during the first week of October.  After pressing. 60% of the blend was fermented in barrels, (30% new) and then matured for another 6 months. The remaining 40% of the blend was fermented in stainless steel between 12°C and 14°C. Maturing on fine lees for 6 months and then the final blending.

The colour is straw-yellow with silver reflections. The nose expresses floral and fruity aromas with white flower overtone (hawthorn, acacia) completed by yellow peaches. Wood is slightly perceptable but well integrated. The mouth is developed on a well-balanced texture leading to wood and honey flavours. The whole set is dashing on fat, balanced with a good acidity. The final notes reveals roast and vanilla overtones.

Best served at 12°C. This wine will ideally accompany a truffle omelette or spiny lobster. Wine for ageing to be consumed within 5-7 years.

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2014 Classique AOC Luberon White

40% Grenache Blanc, 40% Vermentino & 20% Ugni Blanc

Grown on chalky marls plots. From mid-September through October according to the grapes' readiness, the grapes are night harvested to preserve the aromatic freshness. A short skin maceration before soft pressing; fermentation at low and controlled temperature (14°C -16°C) and finally maturinged on fine lees with slight batonage.

The wine has crystalline and pale yellow robe with brilliant nuances. The nose is intense and fruity with dominant apricot and pear flavours; and, in the mouth, fruit flavours melted with exotic notes are emphasized by a beautiful round structure. Best enjoyed cool (10°C-12°C) not cold!. Ideal as an aperitif, it can also go with fresh goat cheese on toasts or Mediterranean fish cooked with sauce.

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2014 Les Grains Pinot Noir Cuvée Rare

Pinot Noir

Soft extraction of the 100 % Pinot Noir grape-pomace and short ageing (15% of the wine) in French oak barrels. On the nose, intense aromas of black cherry jam and roasted nuts. In the mouth, light tannic structure, very pleasant and smooth with an explosion of fresh berries. This wine offers a lot of freshness and elegance with a finish on ripe dark cherry. Best served between 15° and 16°C. This Pinot Noir will pair with any appetizer (especially cured ham) as well as all kinds of meats. Drink within 2 - 5 years.

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2016 Classique AOC Luberon Red

60% Syrah & 40% Grenache Noir

The Syrah and Grenache grapes come from selected plots located on chalky foothills of the Luberon massif. Picked according to ripeness determined by orientation from the end of September to mid-October. A 7 to 12 day maceration was followed by a soft extraction and fermentation in stainless steel.

The results: a wine with a deep ruby red robe. The nose is intense and elegant, with blackcurrant, blackberry raspberry and kirsh cherry. In the mouth, the ripe fruit attack becoming more complex showing a fullness, roundness and balance which give length; opening a complexity with many spicy notes. Best served at 18°C, it is a great companion for a loin of lamb cooked with Provence herbs or for an AOC cheese. Best consumed within 3 years.

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2017 Côtes du Rhône AOC Plan de Dieu

75% Grenache Noir, 15% Syrah & 10% Mourvèdre

Les Belles Échappées

A wine of predominanly Grenache Noir blended with Syrah and/or Mourvèdre that expresses the best of the unique and fairly uniform terroir of the vast alluvial terrace formed by the Aigues and Ouvèze rivers during the Riss Glacial Period 2-3 hundred thousand years ago; overlaid with chalky gravel dating from the Quaternary Era. The gravel mainly rests on zaffre sandstone. This beautiful alluvial terrace is clearly defined and endlessly exposed to the powerful Mistral wind.

Terroir, sunshine and wind combined with great grapes from the Rhône Valley give ripe aromas and richness to the wine. To be served at 14°. It will be the perfect wine for lamb or rib roast. Aging potential: 8-10 years.

Gold Medal - Sélections Mondiales des Vins au Canada 2019

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2017 Gigondas AOC Les Belles Échappées

80% Grenache Noir, 15% Syrah & 5% Mourvèdre

The Cru’s soils are varied and composed of alluvial terraces of stony red clay from the Kansan period, leading up to the feet of the Dentelles de Montmirail. Their high permeability lessens the erosion caused by water runoffs and means that the plots dry quickly. The soils are rich in clay and characterized by terroirs that produce grands crus. The target of Marrenon is to produce new cuvées nearby its own home region of the Luberon with the same grapes (Syrah, Grenache) and similar soils but the terroirs, with all its specificities, give different style of wine.

At Gigondas, the wines are powerful and aromatic with notes of ripe red fruits. In addition, a hint of freshness, balance and harmonious tannins for an easy to drink wine. To be served at 14°.  It will be the perfect wine for beef and game.
Aging potential: 8-10 years

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2018 Classique AOC Luberon Rosé

60% Syrah & 40% Grenache Noir

The grapes, grown on clayey, chalky, silty and sandy plots, are night harvested from September to early October.  A soft extraction by bleeding or pneumatic pressing and a selection of the first juices are vinified at a low and controlled temperature (14°C-16°C).

The wine has a luminous and steady pink robe with purple reflections. There are subtle flavours of grapefruit, rose and cherry morello emergin the nose and reflect  at the back of the palate. The wine is vivid and fresh with a beautiful roundness which gives balance. An amyl note balances a highly seasoned finale. A beautiful thing to see and taste!

To be served between 10°C and 12°C (not icy cold!) as an aperitif, with a grilled meat or a terrine of Provence vegetables. Preferaby consumed within in a year or two of production to benefit from its beauty.

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