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Les Parcellaires «de Saulx» - Domaine Belleville

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2015 Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru

Pinot Noir

Only one barrel produced of this elegant an powerful wine. The vineyard is situated on limestone outcrops covered with thin, uniform soil; this terroir consists of a lot of marl and iron stones, shards of which can be spotted on the soil surface.

Intense garnet in appearance with a bouquet of delicate rose, redcurrant and plum. On the palate it is fruity with notes of small black fruits combined with pure, gourmet vanilla spices in a velvety, elegant and suave structure.

Will cellar beautifully for 10 or more years.

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2015 Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru

Pinot Noir

This one barrel production is best described as powerful and distiguished.  The vineyard is in the upper section which is on a gentle slope, the soil is fairly shallow and has a seedy structure with a lot of gravel on the Bajocian limestone. In the middle, the soil is brown and shallow, gravelly, calcareous and more clay-rich.

In appearance, the wine is intense red with garnet tints having a bouquet that is rich and elegant and a distinguished aroma with notes of black cherry, blackberry and musk supplemented with a hint of smoke. Pronounced minerality on the palate, in a powerful but not excessively dense register.

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2016 Pommard 1er Cru «Clos Blanc»

Pinot Noir

A one barrel production described as powerful and suave. The adjective "Blanc" (white) refers to the colour of the soil in this plot, which is located on the former Combe de Pommard alluvial cone, where white gravel is predominant. The "Clos Blanc" parcel is located on the edge of the Grand Crus route on the way into Pommard and in the continuation of the "Grands Epenots" with deep, iron-rich clay-limestone soil.

Intense ruby red in appearance. Possessing an intense bouquet with notes of black fruits, smoke and spices. A fulfilling mouth experience, with a pleasant vanilla sweetness; rich with a very silky texture, lingering with a very elegant gingerbread finish.

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2017 Bourgogne Chardonnay


Traditionally grapes for Bougogne Blanc can be sourced from any and everywhere in Burgundy; these have been sourced only in Marsannay.

In appearance it this wine has a nice gold robe with green tints, limpid and brilliant. Its bouquet conssts of pleasant aromas of fresh fruits, acacia flowers, linden-tree, highlighted by mineral and toasted notes. And in the mouth it has a clean attack, is rich and fat, and complex with a lot of finesse with a nice finish of candied fruits and roasted flavours.

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2017 Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

The AOC Bourgogne can be produced all over Burgundy; the grapes for this fruity and crisp wine come exclusively from the Gevrey Chambertin where the sail is mainly clay.  It is the wine of one barrel of one parcel.

It has a nice cherry robe appearance with tints of purple. A bouquet of red fruits, such as strawberry and raspberry, with a spicy and peppery touch. On the palate it is fleshy, fruity yet delicate, complex with a nice ageing potential (up to 5 years). This is a well balanced wine with silky tannins.

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2017 Chassagne Montrachet 1er «Cru Clos St Jean»


This wine of one barrel can only be described as powerful and precise.

The plot has a unique history. Before 1000A.D., the Clos Saint Jean belonged to the female Benedictine abbey of Saint Jean Le Grand, founded in Autun in 589 by Queen Brunhild, daughter of the king of the Visigoths, Athanagild. This complex terroir consists of lime-rich marl, yellow or red clay, scree and calcareous gravel.

In appearance it is golden and brilliant. Its bouquet is expressive, lively and precise with very elegant notes of cypress, lime tree, mint, ferns and chlorophyll. In the mouth it is tense, lingering and precise, powerful with a good body, fresh

and mentholated, with a long, mineral finish.

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2017 Meursault 1er Cru «Les Poruzots»


"Porusot" is close to the word "Porroux" which means a stony, rocky place in Burgundy. This Climat is on a very mineral slope with a stony terroir covered with extensive gravel. Composed of marl and limestone, the Premier Cru "Les Poruzots" terroir is characterised by a clay-rich, fertile soil that is red in colour.

Described as complex and precise, this wine of one barrel is gold with green tints. Its lively bouquet is elegant with precise citrus notes. Immediately noticed, in the mouth is its finesse and elegance with good body, lingering with aromatic persistence and citrus aromas; a fat mid mouth feel with a precise finish.

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2017 Nuits St Georges

Pinot Noir

A seductive and structured wine.

Located in the southern section, this terroir is made up of silt that comes from the Combe des Vallerots to create a lime-rich marl-based soil.

Aged 18 months, it is purple and brilliant in appearance. A fresh bouquet with pleasant aromas with notes of cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant.  In the mouth it is full-bodied, has a rounded attack with velvety, silky tannins with considerable balance, finesse, charm and elegance. This wine is from one barrel only.

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