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Château La Rame (DGM)

Domaines des Grands Maisons is the name of the company formed to market and sell the Bordeaux wines of the Armand family. The most famous of which is Château La Rame. Please also see Château La Caussade and Château des Graviers.

Cháteau La Rame was purchased by Claude Armand, the father of the current owner, with the aim of re-establishing Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont as an appellation of merit set to rival the great estates of Sauternes and Barsac, just across the river Garonne. Yves Armand's largest vineyard is 52 km away from the southeast of Bordeaux, on the sides of a hill overhanging the Garonne, facing south. Twenty hectares of vines, sémillon and sauvignon, with an average age of 55 years, run all the way down the hill and stretch to the river banks. La Rame's second vineyard plot is comprised of six hectares south of the commune of Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont, and has an average vine age of 35 years, with cabernet and merlot also grown here in equal proportions.

2022 AOC Bordeaux Blanc

80% Sauvignon Blanc & 20% Semillon

A wonderful pale golden colour with greenish tints. On the nose, extremely delicate and light. Freshness on the finish. The first taste is fresh and slightly acidulated, with flavours of citrus and white peach, lovely delicacy and superb length.

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2019 AOC Bordeaux Rouge

60% Merlot & 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

Harvested from 35 year old vines. A vivid garnet red with bluish tints. On the nose, intense, full-bodied aromas of small black and red fruits (a touch of Crème de Cassis and raspberry jelly), as well as hints of pepper, mint and spices (cinammon, vanilla) enhanced by a woody fragrance. On the palayte, pure, noble substance, with a tightly-knit, silky texture and very distinct tannins. Spicy and concentrated on the finish.

Médaille d’OR - Bordeaux 

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2018 AOC Sainte-Croix du Mont Traditionnel
- .375L

80% Semillon & 20% Sauvignon Blanc

Produced from about 80% of Semillon (well-known for its capacity to develop the "noble rot" together with its property in terms of aroma and structure) and 20% of Sauvignon (which gives a refined and fruity aroma), harvested from 55 year old vines. Only grapes affected by noble rot are used. Golden yellow, bright and clear colour. Fine and numerous tears. On the nose, elegant, fine and delicate, fruity, hazelnut, honey. On the palate, a supple attack, evolution on sweetness sustained by a touch of acidity.

Best Award - Guide Hachette 2012 & Served at Dinner Presentation of the Nobel Prize in 2012

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2019 AOC Sainte-Croix du Mont Réserve

80% Semillon & 20% Sauvignon Blanc

These vineyards are hand-harvested, with selective sorting vital for the sémillon and sauvignon plot, to ensure that only grapes that have been fully affected by noble rot (botrytis cineria) are picked, after which it takes two years of careful maturation to produce the nectar-like wines of Château La Rame.

"C'est le travail patient et acharné 30 d'Yves Armand qui a fait de la cuvée spéciale de La Rame l'une des vedettes des liquoreux de la rive droite. S'inscrivant dans la meilleure tradition du cru, ce millésime ne pourra que renforcer la réputation de la propriété. D'un beau jaune doré gayé de reflets attrayants, il développe un bouquet fort s'duisant par ses notes de miel et de vanille qui se marient heureusement avec les parfums d'orange confite et d'abricot. Riche, équilibré et complexe, le palais témoigne d'une vendange surmérie trés bien triée. Une remarquable bouteille attendre cinq, six ou sept ans voire plus." - Le Guide Hachette des Vins

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