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Calvados Christian Drouin

The Coeur de Lion estate is mentioned as early as 1638. The story of Drouin calvados began around 1960. There was nothing to indicate that Christian DROUIN the elder, an industrialist from Rouen, was destined to make a career in spirits. Nothing, that is, apart his taste for good food and good wines.

When he bought a farm in Gonneville he decided to use the cider-apple orchards to produce calvados.  His goals were simple: produce a top-quality spirit; the best. “My father transmitted me the calvados virus”, says the younger Christian DROUIN, who has today given the family business a world-wide reputation.

The third generation maintains the traditions that have enabled the estate to become one of the 100 “sites of excellence in taste”, as selected by the ministry for culture.  In 1995 the European foundation awarded the estate its European Prestige Grand Prix for the whole of its production, which represents the quintessence of calvados.

Blanche de Normandie 40%


This unique apple based "eau de vie" is the initial distillation from which Calvados is produced. Since the rules and regulations of the appellation state that to call this spirit Calvados, it must maintain time in barrel. Since this clear spirit spends no time at all in wood, it cannot be called Calvados.

That said, the aromas and flavour profile are truly Normadie apples. This spirit is interesting straight up, a great flavour enchancer in cooking and baking but really shines as the base for cocktails.

95 Points - Wine Enthusiast

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Calvados du Pays d'Auge X.O.


This bottling begins to demonstrate the extraordinary quality that has made Cœur de Lion the star of super premium Calvados. The "X.O." is a blend of Calvados of different age categories; the youngest component being at least eight years old. All components are double distilled Calvados du Pays d'Auge aged in small oak casks.

Light amber in colour; aromas of apples, flowers and spices dominate. Although very fruity, it also shows a rich a rich palate of rancios aromas (nuts, butter, almonds). The flavour levels are deep and have taken on a dry, lingering, mysterious character. Supple, rich and elegant.

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Le Gin

Le Gin de Christian Drouin, is described as a "terroir" Gin in la Revue des Vins de France, the referent wine and spirit magazine in France.
A translation for Le Gin below :

Le Gin de Christian Drouin                                                                                                                                               42% vol., France, Pays d’Auge  (Apple brandy, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals, almonds).     "Christian Drouin’s highly flagrant apple brandy is custom-distilled for this Norman Gin. Its specific flavour can easily be identified all along the tasting. Then come the floral and spicier notes of the utmost elegance."

Best Gin Innovation for 2016 - International Cocktail & Spirit Fair in Paris

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Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau is produced by blending Calvados with fermented apple cider juice; the mellowness is a result of aging in oak casks.  This aperitif, full of flavour, has a strength of 16% to 18% alcohol by volume. It should be served chilled. Perfect in scooped out melon, with foie gras, or an apple based dessert; greatly appreciated in cocktails and it works wonders in the kitchen as an ingredient in sauces or creams.

"Never before have I been so enchanted by a drink as this."

92 Points - Robert Parker

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