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Donatien Bahuaud

Born in 1906 in the Pays Nantais, into a family of clog makers, coopers and winegrowers, Donatien Bahuaud explored the vines since his early youth. In 1929, at the age of 23, he founded the Maison Donatien Bahuaud and also began to travel through the vineyard with his wines in barrels in a cart.

Day after day, he rigorously worked the vines and observed the soils of the region, convinced that it is the terroirs that allow him to produce wines with flavors full of subtlety and finesse. He thus took part in the recognition of Muscadet, until the creation of the AOC in 1936.

In 1957, he bought the Château de Cassemichère, birthplace of Muscadet since 1740, in La Chapelle-Heulin. It is at the heart of this vineyard that Donatien revolutionized the region with his audacity, his dynamism and his innate business sense. He then spent more time on the roads surveying the vineyards in search of the most beautiful appellations of the Loire Valley. This work of "crude scout" is quickly associated with the creation of daring aging in the cellar, using different techniques. Over time, Donatien Bahuaud has become a recognized master in the art of winemaking.

2018 IGP Val de Loire Chardonnay - Secrets des Vignes


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