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Brac de la Perrière

Beaujolais: A 50 km long region located in the southern part of Burgundy. In the northern 30 km, where the highest class of wines (the cru) and Beaujolais-Villages are produced, the soil is granitic schist - perfectly suitable for growing the Gamay variety. The southern 20 km part offers a clay and limestone geological structure; wines here have the right to be called Beaujolais. Vinification by carbonic maceration contributes the best results for Gamay.

The wines of Brac de la Perrière will age well for a few years in the bottle where father time will turn them into wines very similar to their cousins in Burgundy. Brac de la Perrière are descendents of the French Nobility; their history is that of the Beaujolais region. Recently, the brothers were joined by a few cousins (Château du Cray) and close friends, all of whom are owner-vintners, for the express purpose of developing the products and thus offer a range of Beaujolais "cru."

The family ideology is not concerned with production efficiencies. The important thing for their wines is not the quantity but the quality. The wines of the 15 domaines proposed by Brac de la Perrière are vinified in compliance with family tradition, each of which is produced and bottled on its own estate.

2004 AOC Saint-Amour Domaine des Grands Vents

Gamay Noir

Les Grands Vents, "The High Winds," sweep through this vineyard. They blow north or west and seem to gather strength between the vine stocks. To the producer's great satisfaction, Mother Nature in her roughness, produces this stocky wine with tannic body. A generous wine that will not fret at being served with a good dish of game. It is definitely a wine that you can keep for years and will get better and better. Only 2000 cases made.

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