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Armagnac Marcel Trépout

When Heads-of-State visit France and are presented with a gift from the French Government, it is always Armagnac Marcel Trépout. Known throughout France as L'Armagnac des gourmets ("the Gourmet's Armagnac"), Armagnac Trépout is produced at the Château Notre-Dame in the heart of the Gascogne. The stocks of Trépout date back to the 1830's.

Armagnac is France's first brandy. It has concentrated complex aromas and tremendous length. It is not at all like Cognac. The grapes, soil conditions, climate, distillation, and aging techniques are completely different. To the true connoisseur, it is the world's top brandy.

Armagnac is to be savoured - not just the taste but the aromas. Once an ounce is poured into a brandy snifter it should be slowly warmed by swirling in the hand. Only after ten minutes, when the Armagnac is warmed to body temperature, should the aromas and taste be appreciated.

1925 Vintage

75% Ugni Blanc & 25% Colombard

A beautiful mahogany colour; a pleasant nose with notes of candied fruit and licorice. The taste closely resembles the aromas of the nose; it has beautiful amplitude.

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1967 Vintage


Hints of amber; on the nose it is rich with notes of candied fruit (prunes) and tobacco. The mouth is pleasantly full-bodied and long-lasting with, once again, prevalent candied fruit. Hints of rancio.

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1970 Vintage

75% Ugni Blanc & 25% Colombard

Of crystal clear amber colour its nose is pleasant (vanilla, woody, leather, rancio). In the mouth it is with pleasure that we re-discover the nose aromas with a lingering finish. A very strong first impression - it has a drop of tannin and candied fruit.

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1980 Vintage

75% Ugni Blanc & 25% Colombard

A light amber coloured Bas Armagnac that has a nose is slightly rising with notes of candied fruit and nuts.

The mouth is full and “bouquetée.”

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1990 Vintage

75% Ugni Blanc & 25% Colombard

Bas Armagnac. Amber colored; its nose is fine with notes of dried fruit. The palate is soft and has slightly woody with back notes of prunes.

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20 Ans Hors d'Age


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