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Karukera Rhum

In November 1493, Christophe Colombus first set ashore Guadeloupe at the place which became the commune of Sainte-Marie. Initially called KARUKERA by the Caribbean Indians, Guadeloupe saw the foundation of the Domain of Marquisat of Sainte Marie in 1895. It is in the middle of this Domain that the oldest distiller of the island, Espérance produces exceptional rum: rhum KARUKERA.

Rhum Blanc Agricole - Alice


Karukera agricultural white rum is made from the juice of a single variety of sugar cane, the "Blue Cane". This variety of cane takes its name from its abundant wax which gives it a bluish color. Harvested at the Domaine, its culture has been selected for its richness in sugar and its exceptional aromatic potential.

This premium white rum, both powerful and fine, is characterized by its aromas of fresh sugar cane and citrus fruits.

It can be enjoyed pure or as a Creole Ti'Punch (a lime zest, a drizzle of sugar cane syrup and 5cl of Karukera agricultural white rum).

Grand Gold Medal  - Brussels World Competition - Spirit Selection 2017

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Rhum Vieux Agricole Réserve Speciale


Gold Medal - Brussels World Competition 2014 
Platinum Medal - Best French Wines and Spirits, Germany 2015 
Gold Medal - Salon Destille, Berlin 2017

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