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In 1992, the Shahabi Brothers began producing wines in the small town of St. Helena, situated in the heart of Napa Valley. The Shahabis selected Napa Valley with the strong belief that the rich and diverse terrain of Napa Valley combined with the ever beaming and warm California sunshine would produce exceptional wines, hardly matched anywhere else in the world.

From the very beginning, the Shahabis made the gentle care of the grapes, from vine to bottle, priority one. This care and dedication has pushed Stonehedge to the forefront of California winemaking and is a recognized name for great quality.

2006 Stonehedge Terroir Select Malbec Mendocino


This Terroir Select Malbec is produced from grapes grown in one of Mendocino county’s best vineyards, Sanel Valley. Malbec’s plantings are some of the smallest acreage of any grape varieties in the state of California, and its yields are very low. The maximum this vineyard produces is three tons per acre.

Rich purple black color, aroma of violets, layers of black cherry, hazelnuts and white chocolate.This wine can comfortably age for 15 years.

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